Why am I not receiving a match for a known deceased individual on my file?

A "deceased match" occurs when we identify one of your records on one of multiple sources including: consumer opt-in, Social Security Administration, and other public web sources. When your data is processed, we match on name data combined with one of the following: address data, email data, phone data. Read about the fields returned to you here: https://truedeceased.com/data-dictionary

Not all deceased records may be matched depending on the input data and the data available in the source.  This may include records with too many matches, non-unique names, missing address or name details or other variations that make the confidence too low to pinpoint a match.  We attempt to curate records that have potential errors, but the process takes time.  If you have a record that is invalid for either no match or is simply the incorrect person, please send the full details to support@truedeceased.com.

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