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Is TrueDeceased too good to be true?  Nope. We're just trying to help as many organizations get access to the information they need. 

NO annual fees.  NO recurring fees.  NO "use it or lose it" credits.  NO file size maximums.  NO obligations.  NO nonsense.

Register for your free account that never expires (no credit card required). When you have reviewed your TrueDeceased Report and are ready to receive your deceased suppressions, all you have to do is buy some credits and use them to purchase and download your processed file.

For details on registering for a free TrueDeceased account and using credits, continue reading!

Free Account


Register to verify your organization and get started immediately.

What do you get for your free account? After you register for a free account, you gain full access and can upload and process your data. Then, you can review and share your complimentary TrueDeceased Report on your file. There's no credit card required, your account never expires, and you never lose access to the data - even if you decide to never pay anything.

  • UNLIMITED Uploads
  • UNLIMITED File Processing
  • TrueDeceased Reports
  • NO maximum file size limitations

Pay-as-you-go Usage


Buy some credits, use them to download your processed file, they never expire.

What do credits cost?

Just $50.00.

TrueDeceased uses a credit-based system to streamline the purchase process. Credits can be purchased in increments of 500 credits or 1,000 credits to give users flexibility. Again, credits never, ever expire.

$50.00 500 credits
$100.00 1,000 credits

Are you a large organization that needs a lot of credits or needs annual pricing? Contact sales.

What do you get when you use credits?

After you've processed your file, you can review the TrueDeceased Report which contains an analysis with match rates. The report also provides the cost to export your deceased suppression.

Once you have reviewed the report, you can start the export process. Use our export page to place your order and download a list of records to suppress from your database.

Buy some credits, and immediately create an export file that includes your deceased suppressions and deceased details. When you're ready, click the export button to download your suppression file.

You will use 500 credits ($50) to download your deceased suppression - regardless of the count records matched.

Your TrueDeceased purchase includes six months of free weekly updates. We re-process your file and create update files for you to download once per month for the first six (6) months after you purchase. Accordingly, we recommend you process your database twice a year to stay current on deceased suppressions. Read about available features on our Release Blog.


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