Why is my Deceased Record count different from my Export File count?

All of the records in the deceased data source are consumer volunteered information. Some times, multiple consumers could give information about a deceased individual. Unfortunately, this information is not always the same. One individual may give a different age or different deceased date.

TrueDeceased makes sure you receive ALL of this information in your export. Records can match on multiple fields: Donor name (including nick names), current or historical addresses, emails, and/or phone numbers. This means that one record could have multiple matches. However, in the deceased record count, we only provide a count of unique IDs.

Your export file record count could be different for one of the following reasons:

  1. A deceased record could have matched to multiple deceased records.
  2. A deceased record could have matched to more than one address.
  3. A deceased record could have matched to more than one name. (ie. Jonathan vs Jon)
  4. A deceased record could have multiple input records with different input IDs
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