Deceased Suppression and Brand Impact

Deceased suppression saves money and  prevents damage to your brand

Over 2 million people pass away each year in the United States. If you are not regularly monitoring your database for deceased individuals and using deceased suppression, chances are you are wasting money and damaging your brand.

Sending mail to a former address is a waste of time and money and can result in fines and penalties from the USPS. More importantly, inadvertently communicating to a relative of a deceased constituent can leave a negative impression, embarrass your organization, and cause damage to your brand.

Stop processing your database and start monitoring

Processing a deceased suppression has never been easier. TrueDeceased allows you to determine if there are recently deceased members of a household on your file before you perform any outreach. In addition to the total number of deceased records matched, our complimentary TrueDeceased report includes details such as the total number of deceased by date, file hygiene information, address types and match information.

You can Process your file for free and instantly review all of these details and more with no obligation to purchase. When you purchase a file, you'll receive 6 months of free weekly updates indicating any individuals that have passed since your initial file process.

Deceased by date from complimentary TrueAppend report
Deceased by date from complimentary TrueAppend report

Getting started is easy

Getting started is easy. Register for a free account, upload/process your file, and instantly view our complimentary TrueDeceased report. If you would like to make a purchase after reviewing the total number of deceased matches and hygiene summary, your file is available for immediate download.

Give us a try...

Upload, Paste, or Drag & Drop your data file today for our deceased suppression services and receive your complimentary TrueDeceased Report - no credit card required.

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