Deceased Data – Deceased Record Count vs Export File Count

Why is my Deceased Data Record count different from my Export File count?

Some times, multiple consumers provide information about a deceased individual. Unfortunately, this information is not always the same. One individual may give a different age or different deceased date.

TrueDeceased makes sure you receive ALL of this information in your export. Records can match on multiple fields: Donor name (including nick names), current or historical addresses, emails, and/or phone numbers. This means that one record could have multiple matches. However, in the deceased record count, we only provide a count of unique IDs.

deceased record count vs export file count

Your export file record count could be different for one of the following reasons:

  1. A deceased record could have matched to multiple deceased records.
  2. A deceased record could have matched to more than one address.
  3. A deceased record could have matched to more than one name. (ie. Jonathan vs Jon)
  4. A deceased record could have multiple input records with different input IDs
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