Find a Grave Search Feature

New Find a Grave search feature

TrueDeceased recently added built-in search links to our deceased output, to assist in the verification of matches on the Find a Grave site. Find a Grave allows you to search millions of grave records to further verify your deceased records.

The Find a Grave search link does NOT change match rates, increase the number of matches, or decrease the number of matches.

Instead, when TrueDeceased identifies a deceased match, we create a search link and include that on output. You can simply click the search link and it will run the search in your browser, using the name of the deceased that TrueDeceased matched to your input. You can use this as an additional verification tool at no additional cost.

Available output fields

Getting started is easy. Register for a free account, upload and process your file, then instantly view our complimentary TrueDeceased report. If you would like to make a purchase after reviewing the total number of deceased matches and hygiene summary, your file is available for immediate download. Simply check the "Findagrave Search Url" field on export to include this feature on your output file, free of charge.

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