Why You Need a CRM Data Cleanup

Eliminate embarrassing communication with TrueDeceased crm data cleansing services

Eliminate embarrassing communication with your constituents and donors with TrueDeceased crm data cleansing services.

An example of this is when a donor has passed and you want to give family members time to bereave their lost one.

TrueDeceased crm data cleansing services allows you to determine if there are recently deceased members of a household on your database file before you perform any outreach. Process your file for free and review a complimentary report with no obligation to purchase.

Share condolences with a surviving family member

While you want to avoid insensitive communication to a surviving family member, you may want to share your condolences with them.

Your organization has donors, alumni or members that were committed and engaged over the years. Sharing your condolences and highlighting some of the programs or initiatives they helped support not only honors their dedication to your organization, but may result in continued support from a family member.

Reduce Costs

Saving money is not the primary concern when using crm deceased data cleansing services, but it is a factor even if you are not using direct mail.

Regardless of the channel, avoiding insensitive communication with your donors and constituents is worth the cost. Respectful communication can even open up future stewardship opportunities.

TrueDeceased provides the same exact service as any other provider at a fraction of the cost.

What you'll receive for $50:

  • Identify and suppress records using donor name (including nick names), current or historical addresses, emails, and/or phone numbers
  • Match confidence details including: household, individual, and address changes
  • Missing, duplicate, and invalid data analysis
  • Free weekly updates included for 6 months after initial file purchase
  • Individual record lookups and real-time screens at the same low rate as bulk processing
Address hygiene details from a sample complimentary TrueDeceased report

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