Exporting Deceased Suppression Files

Exporting Deceased Suppression Files

When your file is in a status of “Completed”, you can click the “Export” button located at the top of the file display page.

This will direct you to the export page. Here, you choose which fields to export.

Downloading a File

You can download your export file by clicking on the “Download” button at the top.

You need credits to download your file. Your account must have a balance greater than or equal to the amount of credits required to download your file. TrueDeceased charges 500 credits per initial download. The system will prompt you twice before you use your
credits, so there should be no concern about accidentally using credits.

The download will start automatically, and your export file will be placed in a ZIP file. You can open this file to find your TrueDeceased processed file. Once you have downloaded and opened your file, you are ready to explore the data returned to you!

Understanding Your Processed File

With each file, you will receive data about any deceased individuals on your file. Using Excel sorting and filtering techniques, you can find any matched records by using the Match Value. Additionally, TrueDeceased only returns the records which have matched to the TrueDeceased deceased data source. This allows you to quickly review your file and suppress any deceased records.

Household vs Individual Match

We match records on both Individuals and Household data. This means that you get back more data and are more aware of what is happening in your constituent's life. There's nothing more cringe-inducing than contacting someone and asking about their spouse
only to hear that the spouse passed away several years back.


Individual matches will indicate if the person in your input record was matched to the deceased record. This means that both their first name and last name plus address, phone, or email was a match.


Household matches will indicate if there was a match to a household member of a person in your input record. This means that the last name plus address of the input individual matched to the last name and address of the deceased individual.

Data Dictionary

The fields returned include your input fields plus the appended fields. These will include the attributes you have selected and
purchased. To see all returned fields and review your definitions, check out our Data Dictionary located on our FAQ page.

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