Suppressing Deceased Households

Deceased suppression for households

TrueDeceased allows you to determine if there are recently deceased members of a household on your file before you perform any outreach. It's free to process your file, and we'll provide a complimentary report for your review with no obligation to purchase.

Continue reading for more on why and how to suppress households with deceased records from your communications.

Sample complimentary deceased data report

Here's why deceased suppression matters

You only get a few opportunities to communicate with important contacts throughout your relationship. There are even fewer opportunities for your message and strategy to inspire them to take action. You want that action to be positive, whether that's to make a donation, buy a ticket to your event, or make a purchase.

Contacting a grieving family can jeopardize your relationship, and sloppy outreach is hard to recover from.

You've probably had a conversation like this one:

You: "Good afternoon. I was hoping to speak with my favorite donor!"

Household: "Hi - this is their daughter. My parents loved your organization, but they passed away two years ago. Please stop contacting us."

You: "Oh... I am so sorry. On behalf of all of us, my sincerest condolences. Your parents' impact..."

Household: "*click*"

Suppress deceased households to prevent embarrassing communication

In example above, a deceased suppression would have identified the deceased contact and given you the opportunity to change your strategy, offer condolences, and save face. It's important to respect the privacy of grieving families. It's also important to be smart about how you re-engage with them.

You can eliminate embarrassing communication with your constituents and donors by suppressing deceased households.

A "deceased match" occurs when we identify one of your records on one of multiple sources including: consumer opt-in, Social Security Administration, and other public web sources. Matches often mean that you've been trying to communicate with deceased individuals, which can damage your brand and relationships.

Suppressing deceased households has never been easier

Suppressing these households with TrueDeceased has never been easier.  We output details that can tell you who in the household has passed and you can use this to tailor your schedule. You can view a quick guide to getting started here.

TrueDeceased export fields

Give us a try...

Upload, Paste, or Drag & Drop your data file today for our deceased suppression services and receive your complimentary TrueDeceased Report - no credit card required.

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